Reasons for a Gap-Year

Raus von Zuhaus - Opportunities for a Gap-Year in Germany

If you would be interested in a gap year and need information, watch this video.


Making money with one´s passion


Many people start working on their passions at an early age. They often develop their skills by using free programmes for the passion they like.
At a certain point you will realise that it is possible to earn money with your passion if you have the necessary knowledge. You might start to think about founding a company. This is legal in Germany as soon as you turn 16.

An example for making money with one’s passion is the 20 years old Patrick Phan from Dresden, Germany. He started designing web pages when he was still in primary school by using free softwares and quickly developed better skills. When he was 14 he passed a demand to the goverment agency because he saw the potential in his work. The demand was authorized when he turned 16. Today he`s an entrepeneur (leader of a company) and studies media computer science. At the same time he’s tutor for a programming course and a working student. In 2015 he released an app that shows you a digital school calendar. Althogh he sometimes wishes to be a normal student, he’s proud of what he did at the end of the day.

If you have a passion that you would like to make money with, you should start like Patrick Phan and search for cheap or even free software, on-site workshops or internet courses to develop your skills and get the chance to earn your living with it.


Zentrale Schulberatung (ZSB) = Studies counselling


If you don’t know what you would like to study, you can find help there or take the orientation test on If you’re still not sure what subjects you would prefer, the UdS offers the so called “Schnupperstudium” programme, where you can visit a lecture of a course you might be interested in and see if it works for you:


The university also offers a mentoring programme, in which older, experienced students support and help you at the beginning of your





Subjects at the Universität des Saarlandes (UdS)

The entirety of the courses offered can be found on
For more information about Master diplomas visit

A brief glance at different professions


You are interested in becoming…


... a lawyer/solicitor in Germany? Listen for some information here. (Audio Anwalt)

… a manager in Germany? Listen for some information here. (Audio Manager)

… a mechatronics engineer in Germany? Listen for some information here. (Audio Mechatroniker)

… a microtechnologist in Germany? Listen for some information here. (Audio Mikrotechnologe)

...a journalist or a social media manager in Germany? Listen for some information here. (Video)



Future Coaching

If you ever feel like you could use some extra help while studying, Future Caoching gives you the opportunity to improve yourself under the supervision of experts. For more information,Watch this video. 


Dual Studies




What to do after your Bachelor