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8 (true or not so true) Facts about University life

1.Fake it ‘till you make it


Let's be honest: We all cheated on tests during High School. Now you might think that, that would change in university, right?
Honestly nothing really changes when it comes to cheating.
No matter if it's the attendance list that someone else signs for you, or if it's the book that you were supposed to read but never did.
If we're being real, you just have to be good at acting and negotiating about due dates and grades.
The thing is you're probably going to have a good relationship with your professor because you both have the same enemy: the university bureaucracy.
So, relax, don’t worry and keep on cheating ;)




2.It's ok to live on your own

“You have to have a roommate when you're in college'' – “If you don't live in a shared apartment, you don't get the full college experience''.
We've all heard sentences like that and you probably think they're true but that’s not necessarily the case.
An example: You decide to move in with your best friend because you've known each other for years and you think you guys get along well.
Your friend might be a great listener and she might have always been there for you. But once you move in with her you realize that living with her is different than you imagined because she can't clean up and always leaves the dishes dirty. Not so nice, isn’t it?
Don’t you think that coming home and seeing everything like you left it, is nicer?
Of course, it’s more expensive but it has a lot of advantages and might save some friendships.
But in the end, you have to know what's best for you. Some might prefer living in company, some prefer living alone. You decide.

3.Sex? Well, f#ck that


Easy A, American Pie, the to-do list.
All those movies taught us that once you go to university your life will consist out of parties, lectures and A LOT OF SEX.
And isn't it everything a young adult wants?
It's sadly not true. In fact one out of three adults between the ages 18-30 lives willingly or unwillingly abstinent.
Of course, in our generation apps like Tinder exist but that doesn’t really help.
The minority actually uses the app for hook-ups, in fact for most people it’s just a “confidence boosting procrastination''.
So, if you're in college and wondering why you don’t have a wild sex life, don’t worry. You are not alone ;-)


4.the one true love? Well f#ck that too

Let me tell you about my friend Emma. She’s one of those girls who has never had a relationship during her high school years. Now she's in university and hopes to find her one true love. But guess what? Hats probably not going to happen.
The reason therefore is that most people don't want any strings attached during their college years.
Most people are way too busy with their lectures and other uni stuff.
But if you're like Emma, let me give you some advice: You’re living your best years right now. Don’t waste your time looking for prince charming.
You’re going to find him eventually but until then just enjoy life.

5.Internships are great!


When you think about politics, you probably think that that subject is super complex and that in order to be a good politician you need to know everything about thinks like policy cycles. But that’s not true. In fact, politics are very situational. And that is something you only learn in an internship. You really do learn the most precious lessons in an internship where you experience things and not just study them.
Besides that, internships help you to really make up your mind about the job. Your degree course might be fun but once you do the internship and actually experience the work you might change your mind.

6.Try being silly. It’s fun

Who doesn't enjoy parties? What if one party could change your life?
On parties you meet a lot of people and some of those people might be able to help you with your career.
That's why you shouldn't stay at home all the time. Go out, have fun it might benefit you.
People can inspire you, they can support your ideas and they might help you to make a job out of your hobby.
You should try to experience things, try out new things, meet new people and follow your passion instead of thinking what might look good on your CV.

7.Don't worry. Be happy


Picture the following situation. Your roommate asks you to go on party with her/him. You decline because you have to study for your degree course.
While studying you're having a mental breakdown because you think about student days and about failing your tests.
We've all been there even though this situation is super unnecessary.
Honestly you need to relax. Take your time because you've got time.
Nobody is going to care about your student days. Don’t get me wrong: It shouldn't take 20 years for you to finish your studies. But nobody cares if you have the minimum.
So, take it easy.

8.University = best time of your life

School sucks. Working sucks too. But University is AMAZING and let me tell you why: You will meet awesome people and make friends for life.
You will go to the sickest parties ever while you're creating the foundation for your future. This will the first time in your life, that you are complete independent and live on your own.
You will never have a time in your life again, where you get to live, study and party with your friends every day.
Yes, some things you might imagine about college don't really happen, and yes it can and will be stressful at times.
But most of it is pretty amazing.
All in all, enjoy it and have fun. It’s the best time of your life:)


Source: Zeit campus nov/dec 2017

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Food Guide for Saarbrücken

Where to eat in Saarbrücken

While Saarbrückens city center will not take up much time to walk through, it still provides a great variety of restaurants, cafes and take outs. We selected our favorite places to eat.





If you like japanese and asian cuisine Osaka ist he right Restaurant for you. Sushi and other Japanese dishes make up the menu.  The atmosphere is very pleasent and intrigues with its sense for peace ad harmony.

It gets quite busy in the evening, so don‘t forget to call ahead and make a reservation.

Address: Dudweilerstraße 1, 66111 Saarbrücken



 Being known for the great thai food, MeiThai is one oft he best places to go to if you are craving good curry or a nice Tom Kha Soup. We recommend the Massaman Curry. It is also possible to eat glutenfree or vegan here.

Instagram: @meithai_sb

Address: Kappenstraße 7, 66111 Saarbrücken




This newly opened Restaurant is well-known for its variety of international cuisines. It provides you with an all-you-can-eat service and various dishes from all over the world. If you are planning to eat with a group of many people, you should keep in mind that this place is fairly small.

Address: Am Stiefel 1, 66111 Saarbrücken

Instagram: @masons_taste_the_world



La Bastille

This french Restaurant serves Dibbelabbes, a traditional dish from Saarland. Dibbelabbes is made out of potatoes, onions, smoked ham and eggs. It is typically served with  apple puree and despite its not very appealing look it tastes quite well.

Address: Kronenstraße 1B, 66111 Saarbrücken








In Saarbrücken known as „Fressgasse“,which literally means „binge eating lane“, this street is located right next to the St.Johanner Markt.

As the name already suggests, there are a lot of take outs in Kaltenbachstraße:



Eat Germanys best Currywurst here.



Brot und Seele

Nice German bakery.


Der Crêpes-Stand

Right across the street from Brot und Seele you can eat Saarbrückens best Crêpes.



Nice sandwiches, kind of like Subway, but better.ücken?select=WzoNu6K72GDWuwuGrNZoJg



Makes great and cheap Pizza.

Kaltenbachstr.7, 66111 Saarbrücken









Everything from Salad to Pasta to Pizza. Order at the counter and have a nice time with a bigger group of friends.

Bahnhofstr.22, 66111 Saarbrücken



Healthy delicious food in a Instagram-worthy environment. A great place to eat for vegans and vegetarians.

St. Johanner-Markt 22, 66111 Saarbrücken

Instagram: @dean_and_david







Very cozy cafe right next to the Basilika. Especially in the summer, the atmosphere is very nice.

There is always Brunch, Breakfast and Cake and sometimes they even make waffles.

Adress: Katholisch-Kirchstr.24, 66121 SB

Instagram: @das_thonet




Lovely hotspot for everyone who likes quiche and cake. It is always full, so be lucky to get a table.

Adress: Gerberstr.7, 66111 SB