A typical day in France

In France students usually start school at 8 a.m so a big part of them wake up at 6 a.m . Generally students go to university by bus, on foot or by car. 
In France we can choose our school and they are not allocated a random university and where you go depends on your grades and how you rank your preferences . 
A day of school is long, because we have 8 hours of classes, so we finish the classes to 5 p.m. After  we stay in town to stay with friends or we go home to do our homework . Moreover most students practice some sport especially football which is the most practised. For breakfast, a lot of people like to eat viennoiseries and French baguette to be fit for the day. That is good to be in good health .       
In France we like fashion. 
On weekends the French generally have  family meals and practice sport .
We’re celebrating on July 14th the National Day, that was  “la Prise de la Bastille” in 1789...

Interview of Maria Eduarda, a Brasilian student who has been studying in France for two months

What are the differences in terms of education that you see in France ?

-In Brazil I have class only in the morning and here the schoolday is much longer

Is the way of life different ?

-Yes, in Brazil we have more hygiene habits and we drink more water during the day.
 The people are more affectionate.
We are used to eating rice and beans everyday, but here the French people eat bread and cheese.

What French habits do you like ?

-I like that here we share meals everyday and the French bread and cheese are very good.
I like social meetings and I appreciate  the fact that French people are more organised.

What french habits do you not like ?

-I don't like the habit of drinking less water, and be less hygienic.
 The French people are used to stay more at home whereas in Brazil we have a lot of parties.

Fécamp is worth a visit:


The same goes for the rest of France.