You may already know that studying in England come at a cost. To be precise, each year costs at least £9000! However, this may change after Brexit and become more expensive for none-residents of the UK. The £9000 does not cover accommodation or other living costs, so you will have to budget for that as well! But don’t despair, as many universities offer grants, bursaries etc to help finance your studies, especially if you are gifted in the subject you wish to study, an outstanding sports person or musician etc. It is definitely worth asking before you select the universities you wish to apply for, how they might be able to help you financially during the time you have chosen to be a student in England and we say England because Scotland has a different system you need to familiarise yourself with if you wish to study at either Glasgow, Edinburgh or St. Andrew’s Universities. 
You should open a bank account whilst you live in the UK as it will make life a lot easier if you get a job to finance your life-style in the UK. If you do get a job, you will be given a national insurance number and you will pay tax and social security contributions. The tax you can claim back, but not the contributions. If you are only here for a year or less you might manage by using your home cards and banking system, it has been heard of!