Accommodation for students studying in Finland  


In Finland there are many options for accommodation, depending on the location of the university where you are studying. Some universities offer accommodation at or near the campus. Arcada University of Applied Sciences offers on campus student housing, but other universities might not. Living in the capital city, Helsinki, could get really expensive, but with the help of study grants it can be manageable. A lot of students also work part-time during their studies so that they can afford to live more comfortably. 
    HOAS, which stands for homes for students, is a service that helps students find affordable accommodation in the city in which you are studying. According to the Finnish National Agency for Education, students´ living expenses are around 700 - 900 € a month, which includes living costs, food, insurance etc.  
Remember to apply for accommodation early since you will have a better chance of finding accommodation if you are among the first new students to apply. It is also recommended not to be too picky since depending on the location, it could be difficult to find the housing you want. 



 - Adam Åberg, Ben Jokinen