If you go to France you can have so many opportunities. You can discover another school system and a new way of Teaching. You will be immensed in a new culture and way of life .
 Studying in France will allow you to meet new friends and of course you will improve your french accent. You can develop your independence and your autonomy by living in a totally different country of yours. 
By mastering French you can also find specials internship like translater or language teacher ; if you come from Germany, Spain or England the programme can help you develop your bilanguage by assisting a language teacher.
 If you want to do an intership in France you just have to make a visa ; if you’re from the European Union you can spend 90 days in France without a visa or 180 days with  a week in your country.
 To get a visa you have to ask the French embassy of your country. You have to present at minimal : a former visa, a passport, 2 photos, your health insurance certificate, your internship agreement, your proof of  accommodation and money. 

The Universtity of LeHavre is a well-known university in Normandy:




Olvea Oil Factory is a good employer in the region of Nomandy:




The Off-Shore windfarm also offers many jobs:




The same goes for the supermarket chain Leclerc: