Working in Chiclana


If you have finished your studies (or you are about to do it), probably you've been 

thinking of an internship, to see and learn what people do in real works. 

In our school in Chiclana de la Frontera we have an option for german speaker who

are interested in this kind of internship. 

We have talked with Luisa, one of our language assistant in the bilingual program and this is what we have found about the program. 


You can find another part of this interview in the section LIFESTYLE. 

Erasmus and the PASCH programs


If you speak german, one good “opportunity” to work with teachers in our secondary school (IES POETA GARCÍA GUTIÉRREZ, in Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz) before you get a proper job,  is apply for an internship through the Erasmus and the PASCH programs. We have met Fabio Schalper,  who is already in one of these programs in our school and we have asked him some questions.


So, you have finished your studies and now you are making an internship through the Erasmus+ project. Isn’t it?


 Well, yes and no.  I didn’t finished my studies so far,  I nearly finished it, but I need to do an internship already in Germany. Now I have some free time, around 3 or 4 months, so I’ve decided to come here. I’m studying in Hannover in Germany.

I’ve made two internships in school in Germany, and I did another Erasmus in Florence, Italy.


But this is not like a common Erasmus student who goes to the university and so. How it is? How did you find it? Which is the goal of it?

Yes, it is not a common Erasmus; now you are working, you have more duties, not like a normal Erasmus student, you have also more contact with the people of the country. In my first Erasmus it was really hard to meet people from the country, but now I have a lot of spanish friends because I’m working and I’m in contact with spanish people.

My personal goal is to have a good time here, to learn a lot from teaching and from the experiences, to learn spanish and to get involved into its culture.


How did you find this program, to work here in our school?

I told the coordinator of my first Erasmus that I wanted to go abroad again, to Spain this time. She told me to look in the web page of PASCH to look for some Pasch school, I wrote to some of them and IES POETA was the only one who responded to me.


Have you studied Spanish before coming here?

I’m studying spanish for one and a half year right now, but I now it is much more easy to learn a language abroad, in the country, and I realize that my spanish has improve a lot here.


Did you have to pass some test to get in the program?

Yes, you have to pass a test to confirm your language level. They want to know your language level before and after the program.


Do you earn some money with this internship?

I’m getting money from the European Union during the studies, they are supporting every Erasmus student with an amount of money; for me, for example is 470 euros. This is not enough to survive in Spain, for example, because only the rent for the flat is 310 euros, then I also have to pay the buses from Cádiz to Chiclana, which is also around 50 euros per month. I could decide to live in Chiclana if I wanted but Cádiz is a bigger city with more possibilities for young people.


Do you work with students of ALL the school?

Well, the IES POETA is a bilingual school, but not all the students of the school study german. I’m only with the students which are attending the german classes. I’m working with pupils from 11 to 17.


So, how is a regular day for you in the school?

Yes, I enter with the teachers in the classes, and is my job to divide the class and half an hour I talk to them as a mother tongue speaker, after half an hour I change that part of the class and I go to make the same exercises with the other students. Furthermore I have to read some reports from the pupils, I correct them and I give some advices to the teachers, about how I see the reports, for example.


Sometimes I am teaching to the whole class but there is also a teacher who has the responsability, and he is supervising what pupils do.


How long is going to be your program in our school?

My stay here is for two months and a half. The European Union supports you for 12 months. I did an Erasmus for 5 months in Italy and now I am making this internship, so you can divide the time. But you can never have more than 12 months.


What attracted you from Spain to choose it as a destination?

Well, I came to Spain because I wanted to practice the language, but also becasue of the weather, the beach, the food, and culture in general.


Do you find differences between German and Spanish lifestyles?

Yes, the culture, the weather, maybe the food is different, the sounds too, ... for example in Spain everybody is talking very loud, and very fast... I’m use to it because I’ve been in Italy but of course it is different to Germany, for example.


When you finish you practices, will you continue living and working here?

I need to go back to Germany to do something like a Profesional Formation, but in the future I would really like to work in Spain or in Italy, in a southern country in Europe, but I think it’s not possible because if you are a teacher in Germany it is very rare to go another country to work over there.


Which is your field of studying/working?

Yes, I’m going to teach cookers, bakers.... people who is going to work in an hotel, for example. It’s a really rare type of schools in other countries, because it’s divided in working in a ... kitchen for example, and going to school.


And what would you prefer to do in the future. Working in education or in an hotel, restaurant...?

Yes, that would be a possibility, to come here to work in some of those things.

Access to University for EU students

Have you finishedyour secondary school?

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An opportunity to study in some universities is to be a visitor student. 
The UCA (University of Cadiz) offers this possibility. 

 It is not being an Erasmus student, so how does it work out?

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